Saturday, September 12, 2009

I can't stop loving you

Found this on YouTube last night and although it's not really my "style" of music, I thought it was lovely. Poignant. We also got married to Van Morrison's Someone Like You, but that's so different again. A world apart. Which shows how talented he is really, that he can sing such varying styles.

One of the widows on the Discussion Board said something that completely resonated with me ... that she has not left her husband in the past, but that she is moving towards him, one day at a time. I like this and have adopted the same sentiment. Hope that I remember to let her know how much comfort her words have given me.

I've gone into shutdown mode again.

Shut the front door.
Turned off my phones.

I need to just be at home with my dogs and be near him ... because it feels like I am when I am quiet and alone. I couldn't even sleep in our bed last night for some reason, and crashed on the sofa, making noises that I didn't even think sounded like they came from me. Not my voice. Not one that I know in any event.

Like some kind of animal howling.

I'm sorry that I've not been in touch and should have been (you know who you are). Just can't. NOT YET.

Let me be still and breathe and it will pass.


  1. You take things in your own way and in your own time. I hope that this passes soon and know we are all here for you!

    ((HUGS)) sweetie!

  2. thanks Lynette, I'm going to take some tea and toast (and my dogs) to bed now. Tomorrow is another day ... and I need to buy some hairdye to get rid of the grey before my school reunion next weekend, which means a trip to the supermarket and I hate going there because it reminds me too much that he's gone. I can usually manage to get by from the local little shops, but not for hair dye - urghhhhhhhh. These little things get us huh? HUGS back to you my friend xx

  3. Hope you get a good rest tonight.

  4. Carrieboo, thanks I did, and am getting ready to hit the supermarket :-)