Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Conkers and fears

It felt very strange to reassure the scared flyer next to me (a first for me) and I was faintly disappointed when the plane touched down safely in Manchester ... however it has been a great meeting so far. I love spending time with my team and am starting to feel a little more like my old work-self, being fortunate enough to find myself growing in such a safe environment.

As predicted, tonight especially, I am gulping back the tears because I can't phone him. It. hurts. so. damn. much.

Another relatively big step in my progress today was that I saw a spider scurrying across the floor in my hotel bedroom, and actually chased it, yes, I ran after it - and stomped very hard on top of it, so that I can sleep soundly tonight. And after stomping on the damn thing, I twisted my shoe around so that it got ground into the carpet (apologies to de Vere hotels) thus ensuring that it was well and truly dead. When I get home, I'm going conker hunting as I read in yesterday's Telegraph that if you put a pile of them in each room, arachnids are put off by the smell. We'll see ....

Off to bed now to read for a while, then sleep, ready for the meeting and flight home tomorrow. You never know, the gods may smile on me and send me hurtling into a huge thunderstorm.


  1. "You never know, the gods may smile on me and send me hurtling into a huge thunderstorm."

    Ahahahah! That made me seriously chuckle :) I'm sorry about that wanker... Cliff is for sure shaking his head. But he knows you can handle it (since, apparently we can handle a lot!) Lots of love, Boo

  2. Oh you are a yappie for sure using that word hahahaha LOL. Yes it seems that we can handle a lot more than we ever knew that we could Kim... love back to you sweetie, and pls let me know if you can do San Diego next Aug xxx will email you soon.

  3. i have to suck them up in the vacuum because if i use my shoe, i'd have to repaint the wall. the floor? definitely the shoe, then the vacuum.

  4. S - oh yes, I use the Dyson when at home, actually if it's real big, then I use my neighbour LOL xxx

  5. Been trying to leave messages and my computer is on the fritz!! Glad to hear of your progress (killing spiders)!
    Have a great trip/meeting...
    oh and what are conkers?

  6. conkers grow on chestnut trees I think! Kids over here collect them and thread string through them, then have conker fights to see if they can smash their opponents' conkers!