Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Camp Widow - August 2010

I am definitely going to this convention next year. Pasted below is a communication from Michele Hernandez which outlines the initial basic information, i.e. date and venue.
If any of my blog-friends are able to meet up in San Diego, please leave a message in the "comments" box ... perhaps we could have dinner together the evening before the convention ... or something similar?
Some of the widows from the Grief Healing Forum are planning to attend and I'm looking forward to meeting some of them there too ... depending on how many of the Grief Healing/HOV family attend, perhaps there might be something we can organize whilst there? If you've any ideas, please post them on the HOV Board.
Camp Widow 2010
August 6-8, 2010
San Diego Marriott Hotel and Marina
San Diego, California

Yes, we have a date! And we brown shirts would love to see you back in San Diego for more laughs, more great workshops, a dance floor at the banquet, a Sunday morning breakfast...and another chance to participate in the Widow Dash! Don't miss the fun, mark your calendars now!

We are taking the many things that worked, and tweeking the few things that didn't, to create a program called Camp Widow. One of you said this..."My daughter went to camp, and I did too!" Which got us to thinking about giving this weekend a name that speaks to the uplifting spirit of our gathering. YOU made this weekend amazing, and we are determined to plan an even better event next year.

So tell your friends, early registration will begin November 1st. Camp Widow merchandise will be on sale at beginning October 15th...everything is really cute and please send me stories about the looks on people's faces when they read your shirt.

Short commercial: We will need sponsors to make this all happen, and could use help in locating them! So spread the word...Camp Widow needs you! As always, your gratefully accepted donation is tax-deductible and can be mailed to the address below. We also accept donations by Paypal at Any amount helps us reach our goal of raising $100,000 to fund the programs that we currently run and to expand our reach in the future. It is time for widows to have a voice, we can do this together!And the 2009 mailing list is available for any interested attendees.

The list also includes blog addresses for those who have provided them. Just send me a quick note, and I will forward you the list. Next year we will improve the mailing list process!

Yours in hope,

Michele Neff Hernandez
Executive Director
Soaring Spirits Loss Foundation
2828 Cochran St.
#194Simi Valley,
Ca 93065

877-671-4071 ext 706


  1. I heard about this year's meeting too late to attend but I'm seriously thinking of going next year. The only thing that would keep me away is that our orientation for new graduate students begins that Monday following so I would have to ensure I was on an early plane out on Sunday! :)

  2. Lynette, it would be so good to see you :-)


  3. Great to hear that PJ and Kathy are attending (from HOV Board) aka David'sGirlStill and KPapajohn, and others, esp Korina are seriously contemplating coming.