Monday, August 3, 2009

Songs that can bring me to my knees ...

Driving home at 80mph, and feeling tired (due to only having 2 hours sleep last night ... why oh why is it that the grieving who are so damn tired, tired unlike at any other time in their lives, are denied the ability to sleep ... it's absurd), this song came on and it cut me to the core, it played on my heartstrings ... it took me back to a time and place when we were carefree, happy and ok, perhaps a little reckless, but damn we had fun and we loved each other so much it was beyond words. (strangely, this is listed as a "good funeral song" on this website, and when I re-read the lyrics, it struck me that this is yet another one of the tunes/songs from the soundtrack that was our life ... that has morphed itself into taking on a new meaning for today).

The tears flowed thick and fast, and I noticed a male driver who had been driving quite close to me, suddenly pulled back. He probably thought I was hormonal, or had an argument with my boyfriend. If he knew, if he could be inside my head, just for 30 seconds, it would have probably scared the shit out of him. In fact, he'd probably would have left the motorway at the very next opportunity.

I don't want to be inside my head. I want him back. I want my life back.


  1. It's such crap, isn't it?
    Sending you a huge hug. xxxxx

  2. I love the fact that I have satellite radio in my car but it has brought back so many songs back into my head that sometimes I hesitate turning it on.

    The lyrics of the song are so spot on and I am sorry to hear that it caused tears.

    Sending hugs from across the pond ((HUGS))


  3. J and L - one day we'll be able to listen to these songs of ours ... and smile :-)