Sunday, August 23, 2009

An old photo or two

An old friend of Cliff's (Saeid), of ours actually, left me a message on Facebook to say hello ... and whilst replying, happened across a photo of Cliff that he had uploaded.

This is the photo. I had to smile, it was such a typical and familiar reaction of his, to show this degree of facial leakage. Clearly the person in the middle is not a close friend of his and therefore he is letting it be known that the familiarity he is displaying is not earned ... "Get your hand off me"! Yet the person in the middle is totally oblivious to that fact. LOL :-)

This made my day. A smile instead of sobs, was the unexpected bonus.

Then I remembered that I had this poorly scanned photo of me on our honeymoon, so have added it too. God I was so happy ... we both were. I have aged a millenia, since this photo was taken just over eight years ago, and am not surprised.


  1. What a gift - an old picture and a smile instead of sobs :)

  2. Great photos, both of them. You look wonderful, and absolutely glowing with happiness.
    And Cliff definitely does look as though he is wondering exactly where to insert that glass...

  3. hahahaha thank you for making laugh out loud - very loudly :-)