Saturday, August 1, 2009

Let down again

Why do people mistake kindness as a weakness?

Because it is not.

Do people actually think I am stupid?

Because I am not.

The fact that I am married to him should give them half a clue.

I choose to behave the way I do.

Scatty, girlie, giving.

There is another very cold side to me.

And they won't like it.

Problem is, neither will I.

WHY fuck with me when I am at the most vulnerable I have EVER been in my life.

Time to see Cliff's brothers-in-arms methinks ... I need reassurance, protection.

I need him, I want him, I miss him.


  1. Boo,
    What's up? I'm sorry you're having to deal with crap in your life. Do what you need to to look after yourself.

  2. D - people promising me then letting me down, others lying, others deceiving, others ripping me off under the guise of helping me. I need to rethink my support network and get rid, I think!!!! Time to stand up and be counted. Just not used to it - he used to deal with all that cr@p HUGS xx

  3. We are all here for you, even when we can't be there for you! Just remember that!!!

    Mean people suck!



  4. I'm Sorry Boo. Try to remove those people from your life that treat you badly, its not worth the added stress/pain. SOME people!
    Thinking of you, xo.

  5. OMG, Boo - that's terrible. There's a special place for people like that... ((((BIG HUGS))))) and lots of love.

  6. am OK now ... I just forget that not everyone has the same standards as Cliff and shouldn't trust them so blindly sometimes. Live and learn! Woke up happier today ... going to see good friend for a few hours today :-)