Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another parallel to Lynette's** world today

Just watched the X-Factor auditions and the best one was this entry without a doubt:

He's is in a league of his own, in my opinion. Very impressive first audition ... he literally owned the stage.

I really really enjoyed watching and listening to this, however it was bitter-sweet. Bitter because Cliff and I loved this song, it's an old Joe Cocker number, and we used to belt it out, and push the speakers to their limit :-) Sweet because I smiled and even sang along.

I didn't cry, but my soul was calling to him.

Perhaps Simon Cowell* stunned me into not crying because I've never heard him be so complimentary AND he gave him a standing ovation ;-)

* Simon Cowell went to the same boarding school as we did, but I'd just like to point out that he left just before I joined, because he's much older :-)
** Lynette, a "sister-in-arms" of mine, also managed to watch a TV show today that poignantly highlighted her loss - and didn't cry either


  1. What a beautiful rendition of that Joe Cocker song. One of my favorites too! I'm glad to hear that it brought joy and not sorrow for you!

    Wish I could say that I was still doing okay tonight. I'm not, but it is typical for a Sunday night.. :(


  2. yep, I too slipped into the whole "I want to be with you" thing and tears, but we have to do it otherwise we will be VERY ill. But I HATE IT TOO ... it's miserable being that sad. Hope this morning is better for you Lynette .... and that that awful woman stays out of your way for the whole of Monday xxx