Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Things to look forward to

1. Going to Savannah to visit my old friend Karen (and pretending to be Scarlett while I'm there)

2. Having two selfish days with PJ, so that we can revel in the fact that we truly understand each other and know how we both feel and fear. And laugh and share memories about our husbands.

3. Going to Australia next year to see Geoff, Andrew and Cathy-Anne. Meeting Geoff's wife and children :-) Seeing all the Yule Family and Samih and Helen again. Then having a stopover in Singapore so that I can spend a couple of days with Kendra and her family.

4. Our school reunion this September - OMG I can't wait for this one. It is going to be fun and laughter non-stop. I hope I behave ... last time I ended up smoking in the refectory and getting filthy looks off the (then) Headmaster.

5. The satisfaction I will get from getting various things finished on the house.

6. Throwing myself back into Innovation projects at work, and enjoying the networking and job satisfaction that goes with the territory.

7. Making him proud of me.

8. Seeing my counsellor again.

Clearly, I'm having a good day ... but that's not a bad list is it?


  1. I'll have one of whatever she's drinking please!!!
    Seriously, that is a great list of things to look forward to. I've only just truly come to the realisation that it is up to me to arrange holidays now - R was always the instigator here. I'm just starting small with a couple of weekend breaks in this country, but I do have some ideas for next year. I need to actually book some tickets so I can back out of them!

  2. That, of course, should read "can't back out".
    Freudian slip!

  3. You are definitely having a good day and that is a good thing! And your list rocks! I'll enjoy watching you cross them all off! :D

  4. J - I know ... it is a huge thing to contemplate when we've been used to having our other halves to plan trips with ... I count myself lucky because I'm a boarding school child and therefore have the luxury of being able to visit old friends who are now dotted all over the world ... and of course it's cheaper ;-)

    L - thanks :-) watch this space hun :-)