Friday, July 17, 2009


I wish that if someone says they are going to help me, that they do.

I wish that if someone says they are going to phone me, that they do.

I know that they don't understand the effect that their lack of action has on me - the "untouched".

I know that they won't let me down and in the end it will all come right.

But to give myself any semblance of normalcy in this brave new world, I have to plan stuff and execute it, or I feel even more wobbly.

Maybe I should be a big girl and just tell them, huh ...


  1. This is so difficult, isn't it?
    Most of my real friends, and some newer people in my life, have been totally rock solid over the last 11 months, and I know they wouldn't let me down without a darned good reason. So when someone does, it is such a blow to the delicate balancing act that is my life at this time, and can really set me back.

    I'm not sure that telling them will actually make a difference in the long run, other than to make you both feel bad. The people who 'get it' - whether untouched or not - wouldn't do that to you, and I suspect that those who would do it, won't ever get it.

    I still find any form of conflict too difficult to handle, so my solution to those who don't follow through with their promises is simply to mentally relegate them to a lower level - to acquaintances, rather than friends. Then I no longer expect anything of them and equally I no longer owe them anything.

    Probably not the ideal solution, but the only one I can handle.
    So sorry you have been let down. xxx

  2. they will come thru for me ... i's just that it won't be when they say!!! and as you say it does affect us ... I've read your comment and thought some more ... and agree, think I'll just pin them down (two guys - I need a favour off both of them - a one off that they both individually offered to do) ... then I'll ensure that I don't include them in future plans, even when they offer, but do it nicely :-) thanks J xxx

  3. It was my experience that some guys do not understand how their "lack of action" affects us, maybe they don't know how to deal with emotions very well, or are just oblivious to saying they will call and maybe forget...I would like to think they didn't mean to hurt you, they are just...guys.
    Hope you are doing well.