Friday, July 24, 2009


Every six months or so, a man comes into our office to sell Italian leather shoes, suitable for office attire.

Usually I want to buy a couple of pairs as they are reasonably priced, but I always used to call Cliff, just to check that it was ok (we had an agreement to check with each other when spending over £100 - it just saves arguments, and not once in fifteen years did he ever say no to me, not once ... to anything).

So, even though I felt happy after buying two pairs of black leather office style shoes today ... if felt wrong. And I'm fighting the tears, sitting here at my desk, because I couldn't call him, hear the fake irritation in his voice, and then the, "oh go on, treat yourself darling."


  1. Same thing happened when I went to to purchase a new car. We had the agreement to always check with the other on big purchases.

    I had my cousin with me but it wasn't the same. I did cry sitting in the office as I signed the papers.

    It was the first big thing I'd done alone in 15 years and it felt wrong. Love the car (and I needed it) but still--David wasn't a part of it.

    Just think of how good you look in those shoes and see Cliff smiling at you (and maybe adding a whistle of approval too)... :D

  2. I guess it's all part of moving ahead without them that hurts?

  3. Yep and sometimes it hurts like crazy doesn't it?

  4. Wow! You wear shoes like that to the office?!!

  5. I WISH!!!!! No, I bought black leather shoes ... but fantasize about Jimmy Choo's ... hence the pic. LOL. xx