Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's official ... friends do cheer you up

After a pretty miserable day (no motivation, very tearful), I drove down to meet an old girlfriend and her new beau in Seasalter as they were visiting the area this weekend. It was so good to see her, it was great to be hugged so much, and I loved that she kept telling "Cliff stories". It was a pleasure to finally see her happy and relaxed ... I really liked her boyfriend Pete a lot ... I was at home in their company and it turns out that Pete is also a builder (and has offered to help finish the house), which will take some of the pressure and workload off Cliff's youngest brother John.

Now I just want her bowel cancer scan result to read negative. Please, please, please. Enough already.

Courtesy of Facebook, I discovered that an old schoolboy friend has just died of bone cancer, leaving behind a widow and three teenage children. Although I have never met Jason's wife, I have reached out to her via a mutual friend, offering any help that I can. 2009 is officially the year of shite. I feel for her - I really do. Jesus, just remembering that first week is bad enough, let alone actually living through it.

Puts it into perspective ... even though this is so so hard ... I have become stronger ... little by little, one day at a time.


  1. Glad to hear you are doing stronger. xo

  2. Sometimes there seems to be so much sadness in the world it is unbearable. One of R's friends rang today, and we spent a few minutes just listing all the friends and acquaintances we have lost in the last couple of years. For heavens sake, we are only in our 40s - if we were 30 years older at least you could understand, even if it is no easier to bear. But people our age shouldn't be getting ill and dying in this way. It just isn't right.

    I am sure your friend's wife would appreciate you making contact. I know I always do. A little bit of extra love never goes amiss.

  3. J - funnily enough I had the same conversation with a friend the other evening ... we were saying, "this isn't supposed to start happening to us for at least another 20 years"!

    Horrid, horrid, horrid.