Saturday, July 11, 2009

I hate weekends

I want to sit on his lap and laugh and banter in our comfortable familiar way. I want to have fun with him and listen to our music. I want to serve him drinks and make him feel special.

Because he was and still is.


  1. You were such a great wife, Boo.

    A little note about your most recent comment on my blog - I might one-up you on the car thing... Keep this on the down low, but I might be buying a HOUSE today!!! Pray they accept my offer, please, and I'll hopefully have a good update to post on my blog later today. I think of you often! XOXOX

  2. Weekends are hard no doubt. But I am trying to make new routines for myself. I have a plan that, at this point, may be a little ambitious but I know that I will get into the groove eventually and weekends won't be so bad anymore.

    Do something nice for yourself this weekend Boo--you deserve it!


  3. Andrea - wow! I truly hope that you get the house ... that would be wonderful news :-) if you do, pls post pix :-)

    L - I drove down to the coast (a little old quaint seaside town and pub/bar to see an old girlfriend who was visiting the area with her boyfriend tonight ... it was so good to see her and I approved of her new beau - lovely man. It really cheered me up :-)