Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Harry Potter

I love Harry Potter.

Probably because the story is told against the backdrop of a British Boarding School, and through the VIth Form, my room-mate's middle name was Hermione. One of our teachers looked somewhat like Snape, although he was far nicer ... and our Refectory (which I seem to remember was listed as the oldest Refectory in the UK which is still in use as a Refectory) bears more than a passing resemblance to the one in the movies. Like Hogwarts, we too had secret passageways ... in fact, there was a secret underground passageway connecting my House to one of the boys' Houses across the Close. Hmmmmm. Most of us ventured down there to smoke, and when we returned back to school one Michaelmas Term ... it had been bricked up.

I would often fall asleep reading Harry Potter, and Cliff would faithfully save my page and put it on the nightstand for me. When the third and fourth books were launched, he drove down to Tesco at some ungodly hour to buy me the book. At Christmas, he would put some Harry Potter themed gift in my Christmas Stocking. Three Christmases ago, he bought me some Bubble Bath which had Harry flying over it on his broomstick ... and I couldn't understand why he'd giftwrapped it instead of dropping it in my stocking ... then I noticed it. In Harry's hand was a beautiful Emerald and Diamond Crucifix. We collected all the DVDs and went to the cinema to see most of the films as they were released.

Which is why it made me so sad today, when I heard them talking about the Film Premiere on the radio ... because we always watched these together. I can remember embarrassing him ... Cliff was mortified when I started jumping up and down in my seat at the cinema, freaking out at the enormous spider called Aragog. It filled the screen.

I shan't go to the movies to watch it ... but I will buy the next two DVDs when they come out, mainly because I know that the films will hold my attention. No mean feat these days ... it's how I rate films now - simply based on whether or not they keep me focused for the duration.


  1. I loved the Harry Potter books too.
    I always waited until Christmas for my copies, as it meant I had time to just sit on the sofa for a couple of days and read them straight through, with R bringing me refreshments at suitable intervals!
    As for the film, I think I will wait until my nephew gets the DVD and watch it with him (he's 8!)

  2. That's good idea actually, I'll invite my neighbour's girls round for the evening and watch it with them :-)