Thursday, June 25, 2009

A stronger day

I couldn't remember where Faye lives (even though it is one mile from my house), so left her a voicemail asking for their postcode so I could plumb it into my tom-tom. Unfortunately she has dislocated her knee so I'll visit later, when she's more mobile.

Instead, I put out my trash, washed up, tidied up and put a load of washing on.

Not very exciting, but I'm pleased that I had the energy to do it, and more to the point, that I bothered ... recently I just haven't had the interest there.


  1. That is FANTASTIC! Do what you can as you can.

    My house has been uber-clean to untidy to down-right filthy in the last year. The motivation to keep it up comes in waves.

    Take care and ((hugs))

  2. it's a relief to hear that your house has been filthy at times ... sometimes I put people off coming round because I'm too ashamed of the state of the place! xx