Friday, June 19, 2009


I have run out of toilet rolls, dog food and milk which means I have no option other than to go shopping today. It's so painful though because we used to go together. Cliff was a very good shopper and would always look at the reduced aisle and procure some yummies at cut prices.

At least I manage to walk down this aisle and see if anything appeals to me now. A month ago I used to give that whole area of the supermarket a wide berth.

So I am making progress, aren't I?

All his friends and family keep telling me how proud of me he would be and that gives me the strength to keep trying.

One day at a time, one step at a time.


  1. That does indeed look like progress!
    Food shopping was one of those things that R & I used to do particularly well together, and it is still one of those activities that are most likely to reduce me to tears. Supermarkets I avoid unless I absolutely have to use one - they are just too overwhelming for me even now. Fortunately there are enough little shops around here that I can mostly avoid them.
    But there is nothing like running out of loo roll to force you out of your comfort zone!!!

  2. LOL, I have to admit that in the end I went to the corner shop ... because I couldn't face it. Hope you and Moose are having an okay weekend. I'm off to a big Italian wedding. Wasn't going to go, but have decided that it's a good place to be. There will be plenty of hugs to go round, you know how Italian families can be.