Friday, June 26, 2009


I am not Catholic.
I am not a man.
Therefore I cannot be the Pope.
Which means that I do not have the authority to make someone a Saint.

Yet I do.

I have turned Cliff into a Saint.

And any of his friends reading this will laugh out loud at that one.

Yet I still do.

I cannot remember anything bad about him. Even those things that I am sure irritated me a lifetime ago ... his untidiness, his never putting a cigarette out properly, his snoring ... are all cute Disney-esque qualities that I also seem to love now.

Saint Clifford.



  1. :)
    What do you think he would be the patron saint of?

  2. That made me smile, properly smile :-)

    I've just had a think about that one and reckon it would either be:

    Patron Saint of those who are bullied


    Patron Saint of Fun

    Good to see you back x

  3. Both of those are good.
    I think I would like St Clifford.

  4. LOVE it!

    It is funny that you posted this--I am having trouble remember any bad things about David.

    Maybe that is a good thing???

    Hugs, Lynette

  5. Lynette - Apparently when you start to think of them in a more realistic way, you are in the later stage of grieving! Which clearly we are not! xx

    J - I think you would like him. He was hard not to like. xx