Monday, June 1, 2009

Protect Your Mind

My Auntie Hazel (who is also my Godmother) is dying. Therefore I take the trip to see her with my big sister Honey.

We agree that this is enough for me to cope with currently. I have to protect my sanity … going to the funeral would be too much.

Besides, I’d rather visit the living than the dead.

Bless her. Her clear blue eyes gaze at you with the trust and innocence of a baby. Big, round and beautifully blue.

She is 85 and lost her sweetheart just over a year ago. I’m amazed she’s lasted this long, in fact I think it’s cruel that she has had to endure it. Her late husband, my Uncle Bob was loved by all his nieces, nephews and god-children so much. An unassuming gentle man who refused to have children just in case they too might be gun fodder.

He fought at Monte Cassino with the Ghurkhas, and was a sniper in the Paratroopers, operating behind enemy lines during the second world war. A real hero who never spoke of his bravery.

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