Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Aunt has died

My Auntie Hazel died yesterday and I cannot really mourn her because she wanted to go. She'd been SO unhappy and lonely since my Uncle Bob died. I'm feeling a bit envious of her actually, truth be told.

I am very relieved that my sister Honey and I went to see her on Saturday ... and that my cousin Daryl and Auntie Paula were with her when she died. Most of all I am happy that she is with Uncle Bob again. They weren't meant to be apart.

It was weird to see her that quiet. That was how I knew it wouldn't be long. My Dad always said that she had perfected the art of circular breathing so that she didn't have to take a breath between sentences.

I remember her baking, and knitting me cardigans when I was three years old ... not as the old frail lady in hospital.

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