Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mutilation and Mourning

More research ...

Perturbing reading. Particularly startling because I find myself empathizing with these cultural traditions. Before Cliff died I would have found the contents of this article alien, repugnant even. But today? I can understand why widows would engage in these practices.

We are left marked by this experience, even if there is no visible sign to show the world. It's almost as though they are "wearing their grief" or perhaps there is respite from the pain they feel through the act of physically hurting themselves, whether by being tattooed or worse.


  1. Something else I found myself identifying with, is when people are ready to die, they lose the will to eat. When Matt died, I just didn't want to eat. Even when I did actually feel hungry. I plan on getting a tattoo - just not sure where and what exactly. I suppose I could write a chapter on this topic myself...

  2. Andrea, I didn't want to eat either, nor could I ... it felt wrong? I contemplated a tattoo, but decided not to because he wouldn't have wanted me to ... that said, a part of me still wants to! I'd love to know what design you decide on ... have you read "Water Bugs and Dragonflies" ... perhaps a dragonfly? (only mentioning it as that was what I would have had if I were brave enough ... oh, and a little younger ;-) x