Monday, June 15, 2009

I laughed out loud

Just went onto Facebook and one of Cliff's oldest friends had left me a message:

Had that fight in march cliff still the best

He's referring to a heavyweight boxing match he had in March (which he won). I didn't go to support him because I knew that I'd probably end up embarrassing him by screaming at his opponent if he managed to punch him.

But it was his reference to Cliff that actually made me laugh out loud properly for the first time in I don't know how long. It washed over me, sounded alien, but felt so good.

When Cliff died, Lloyd rang me to see how I was and to help with arrangements for the funeral. He was one of my guardian angels and still is ... in fact, he was one of Cliff's pallbearers. One of the things that I really LOVE is to listen to stories about Cliff and the past. I'm usually amazed at how I am able to finish each story (if I chose to) but I normally just listen and wallow in the memories.

Here's the full story which I have pasted below, an excerpt from the Eulogy and Order of Service which I wrote for Cliff:

Lloyd Herring told me that he had the hardest fight he ever had in his life with Cliff. Lloyd, if it makes you feel any better, Cliff told me exactly the same thing when he told me. I will always smile when I remember Cliff telling me that the noise and "mayhem" caused during this fight prompted the police to knock on the front door, at which point Lloyd slammed the door on them, snarling, "It's a domestic" and they seemed more than relieved to treat is as such by leaving them to settle their differences. Settle their differences they did, and they remained good friends with mutual respect and there was always a sense of fun interjected with dry humour when we met up. This was the Cliff who recognized a man when he met one and who always had a sense of fair play and would move on, rather than becoming bitter. This was the Cliff who was a man's man and who was comfortable in his own skin.


Things can only get better?

Hmmm, not entirely convinced ... however, I have collected my meds from the pharmacy:

I'll report back on how these are working. I've been told to expect some results within the first four weeks of taking them.

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