Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fred and Barney

Fred is my deaf rescue dog. He looks a lot like TinTin's Snowy and can be a pain in the butt because he pees indoors sometimes, and I can't smack his arse because I know that he was beaten badly as a puppy. Cliff found another solution/punishment, and still by the back door, is the Arnold Schwarzenneger style super-soaker water gun that he used to squirt him with every time he was naughty.

But Fred snuggles into the small of my back every night and I swear that he is the reason that I sleep through most nights, thankfully free of the nightmarish sweats that sometimes wake me ... pure unadulterated fear and unimaginable loss ... because Cliff is gone.

Barney is Fred's sidekick. He understands that Fred cannot hear and therefore will go fetch him if I ask him to. He is a good boy, extremely cute and clever, and does incredible impressions of meerkats.

They are my constant faithful little companions. They helped to heal us after losing our beautiful rottweiler, Hammer. Now they help me just by being there, occasionally making me laugh. It's a sad state of affairs that they no longer react to my crying, as they have grown so accustomed to it.
I speak to them a lot and they are good listeners, even if one of them IS deaf.

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