Monday, April 13, 2009

The best kind of message

Today I received, via Facebook, a really thoughtful message from a friend at work. Liz said that she had been following my blog and found it compelling reading, which is a nice compliment, however the best is yet to come.

To put some context around what she said, I’d like to add that I happen to know that this friend has four kids, is arranging her wedding, decorating her house, trying to place her daughter in a decent school (no mean feat), as well as adjusting to a new role.

Liz offered to drive to where I live (around an hour’s drive), should I find this Bank Holiday weekend gives me too much free time on my own (we all know what that is a euphemism for in reality), she’d be happy to get silly with me (which translates as plenty of drinking), and essentially give me company.

I thought this was the best kind of help. Apart from putting food in front of me, of course. Sometimes, just to know that the offer is there, is enough. I have just done TWO DAYS ON MY OWN, and was planning on driving to the coast tomorrow to see Dad and Jenny, so I had balanced it pretty well … allowed half the time alone for crying, and the rest for trying to live. But, I got another cold/bug, so that's not going to happen.

And, I’m proud to say that I VACUUMED THE LOUNGE for the first time since Cliff died. I’m amazed my Kirby didn’t blow up.

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